Journal 5
The career research project helped me realize that although I have an idea of the company i want to work for and the kind of job i want to do, there are still things that i need to learn.  Besides continuing to take all the business courses i need and pursuing my education at walsh, I plan on going back to Sherwin williams this summer and finishing up the internship program that i started last summer. 
The Internship program gives me a chance to organize a sales event and to compete with other interns in promoting sales for my particular store.  I also have to make cold calls to several people to help lure more customers and boost sales.  These are two things that I believe are important in the business world because I understand that I am going to have to step outsid my comfort zone sometimes.
After completing these steps, the next main goal for me will be to graduate from college and be confident in my abilities as I step out into the business world.

Journal 4

 Referral Letter (

1.  The name of the audience is Robert Morris, who is the Owner of his Construction company which is called Morris Construction.

2.  The purpose of the first paragraph was to simply show his audience that he was interested in working for him 
and to also let him know who refered him to Morris Construction.  In the second paragraph, the author breaks down his experience in the industry and gives his audience a bettter understanding of what he can bring to the company.

3.  The main accomplishment the author chose to highlight was the fact that he has been a succesful manager in the past.

4.  The authors main appeal was presented via logic beause he gave specific examples of his style of management and the positive results that have resulted from it.

5.  Given the lenght of the letter, i think the author addressed his audience a decent amount of times; However, i do not think he knows the potential employer too well because it seem like he tried to play it safe and not mention too much information in the cover letter.

6. I think the cover letter was well written, i would not have changed anything.

Unsolicited Letter

1. The name of the audience is Jonathan Arvidson, who is the Head of the Reference Department at the Henry Madden Library at Fresno State.

2.  The first paragraph summarizes the authors educational background. In the second pargrah the author lists all her past experience working as a librarian. She sums up the letter in the third paragraph with all her contact information.

3. The main accomplishment the author chose to hightlight was that she had worked at this library before as a student and she was very succesful at what she did.

4. I think the author makes their main appeal via credability because she states several times how she recieved positive feeback from her last jobs and how she was invited back the following year.

5. She barely specifically addressed her audience in this cover letter.  I think she does not personally know the potential employer that well but she is very familiar with thier mode of operation because she is an alumna of the University.

6. I think she focuse too much on the fact that she is an aluma of the school. i would have focused more on my capabilities and accomplishments not mainly on the fact that I graduated from that school.

Specific Ad (

1.  The name of the audience is John Smythe, who is the director of Icon management for and advertising firm.

2.  In the first paragraph, the author simply states how she came across the job ad.  In the second and third paragraph she states her qualifications and experience. The final paragraph is the follow up paragraph.

3.  The main accomplishments that the author focused on where the fact the she graduated from a renowed school, and also the pace at which she got promoted at her most recent job.

4.  The author makes her main appeal via credibility because specifically points out the fact that she graduated from a prestigious and well known school.

5.  The author barely addresses thier audience in this letter. I dont think that she knows her potential employer that well because she barely addresses them.

6.  I think the author of this letter focused too much on thier individual accomplishments and goals and forgot to mention how she could personally help the company.  I would have focused more on what I can bring to the table and how i could help improve the company as a whole.


Using Bullet points and Lists

In the article " Using Bullet Points and Lists " the author Catherine S. Hibbard explains how Bullet points and numbers/letters are often used in business writing.  She states that usually numbers/letters are used when listing things in order of their importance.  Bullet points on the other hand are not listed in order of importance, they simply indicate that collectively each point is of equal importance and should be taken note of. Hibbard also explains that bullet points do not necessarily have to be short one word phrases but that they can be in sentence type format with proper punctuation. Action verbs are also a good way to start out bullet points in memos and other business type documents because they serve as atttention getters to the readers. She concludes the article by stating that anytime bullet points are listed in a document, they shoud be proceded with at least a sentence stating the importance of the list.

Journal 3
Resume Builder

Overview Statement:  What you are about to read is a short summary from three resumes that i selected. the purpose of these short sentences is to carefully examine professional sample resumes, and to take note of the key things about the resume that will be of benefit to me when making my personal resume.

Resume 1
This resume shows that the individual has a great deal of experience in the advertising management field, and the individual is up to date with the latest computer technology. (

Resume 2
The individual to whom this resume belongs, has had a great deal of success working with other people, they are always open to new ideas and have a great understanding of how to properly get their job done. (

Resume 3
This is a very hands on type person who has exceptional knowledge with electronics and is always open to sharing their knowledge with others.(


After reviewing all these resumes, the main thing i noticed was that all accomplishments and duties that take place in the work force were being mentioned.  It does not matter how little of task you might of have done, as long as it contributes to the goodwill of the company or another individual, it should be mentioned on the resume.  Also, i noticed that it is important to present yourself as one who can accomplish various different tasks and not simply focus on your strongest area of expertise.  Employers like people who are not simply one dimensional, and that is something I will definately keep in mind when constructing my resume.

Journal 2

Journal 2

·         Audience: This is a very important key when writing. Knowing my audience is one of the first things I have to know before starting any writing project because it will determine what tone I use in my writing. The best way to know my audience is to make sure I fully do my research on the subject matter, and present the material in a way that my audience can relate to.

·         Scope of The Assignment : The best way for me improve on this issue, is to completely read and understand the directions for each assignment, and also make sure I focus most of my attention on the more important things in my writing

·         Purpose of Writing: So far in my all my writing, the purpose has been to get a good grade. At the same time, I enjoy writing about new topics that I am not too familiar with because it educates me.

·         Goal of The Assignment: The best way for me to determine whether my goals for my assignment are reached or not, is by letting others read the material and getting feedback from them. If people can relate to my writing and they feel what I am saying, then I believe my work is done.

·         Methodology: The best way to ensure my methodology is correct is to make sure I understand the kind of strategy the assignment requires. If it is a lengthy and complicated topic I writing about, then I will be sure that several people view my work and make sure that they understand what I write about before my official audience views it.

·         Content Outline: I believe the proper time to do an outline is after getting all my resources and doing all my research for the project. I am sometimes lazy to properly do my research but I believe doing proper research will help make my outline more detailed, which will ultimately help give my writing a stronger foundation

·         Schedule for Project: This is something I have been lacking in the past. If I have a Schedule of how I want to accomplish my writing, it will help me balance the time I spend on the entire project. By doing this, my mind will always be fresh, and I will not have to spend countless hours trying to finish the project at the last minute like I have done in the past.

summary 1

Summary 1

In the Article "What Color is Your Parachute" By Richard Nelson Bolles, he talks about a very common and important issue which is job security. Bolles states how a lot times people go to school for several years in order to one day do the job of their dreams; Unfortunately, many times the same people end up not finding the joy and satisfaction that they were anticipating on finding with that job. Bolles then states the proper circumstances under which he believes it might be okay to change jobs but he also notes that in some instances it can be too late to change careers. To conclude, Bolles gives his audience guidelines to finding satisfaction in their careers in order to prevent disappointment later down the road.

warm audience

Harsh Audience

Journal 1

Journal 1

-Correcting (and understanding correct)punctuation

This is one of the writing skills that I find challenging at times. I realize that punctuation is one of the most important components when writing. Proper punctuation makes the material more understandable and easier to read; therefore I believe I can better my writing skills by continuing to practice using the proper punctuation which I know will ultimately help improve my writing.

-Showing what is important (and downplaying what is not)

This is one of the most common mistakes that I make when writing. Especially when typing long papers, I find myself spending more time on the irrelevant stuff than on the more important things that make up the paper. By the time I am done writing about the less important things, I am burnt out and end up not focusing as much attention as I should on the important things.

-Being aware of your audience

When it comes to writing, I believe that your audience is the key component in determining the approach one has on their writing. You have to be aware of who is going to read your material and make sure it will keep them interested and constantly wanting more. This is skill that I hope to improve on by making sure I always understand what is expected of me from my audience.



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